Real Results

Amy H. used to use organic products from spas and health food stores. This is 9 days after she switched to Mee Ra Rituals.
“Before I met Anna and was introduced to her line, I probably spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on all different kinds of beauty/skin care products. I have always had dull, dry, acne-prone skin. After about a week or two of using these products (all 5 together), I noticed an immediate and drastic change. I was GLOWING! My favorite part is that I can run out of the house wearing zero concealer or powder and feel confident about it. I no longer have to purchase any eye serums/creams either because the Radiant Night Oil has completely eliminated the dark puffy circles under my eyes.” - Stephanie R.
Jillian used to use a prescription topical antibiotic mixed with organic products from spas and department stores. This is one week after she switched to her customized Mee Ra Ritual.
“My skin just started to clear up two days ago and it’s literally right before my period so your stuff is def working its magic.” -Sarah M.