Anna's Story: A Timeline

A journey through life’s synchronicities and finding our paths to alignment and purpose.


Born as Lee, Mee Ra in the Jinan Plateau, South Korea


Adopted into a loving family to a small town in Minnesota


American mother worked at a bookstore. Anna begins self- educating on herbs and skincare.


Mother encouraged her interest in skincare. For her 12th birthday, Anna’s mom indulged her with a private session with a Mary Kay consultant.


Receives facial as a gift from her mother for her 13th birthday


Began studies in meditation and yoga as alternative ways to treat her depression


Graduated from high school and enrolls in esthetician school


-Started making skincare products in her kitchen 

-Worked as an esthetician and massage therapist

-Studied towards multiple degrees simultaneously


Receives CIDESCO accreditation, an internationally prestigious qualification for aesthetics and beauty therapy


-Met her biological mother in Korea and it’s revealed that her mother worked as a skincare specialist while pregnant with her. She also learned her great-grandmother was a shaman.

-Learned translation of her birth name “Mee Ra” means “to grow up to be beautiful”

-Returned to California and begins life-long dream of formulating products with a chemist

-Became a licensed acupuncturist


After 14 years of making and perfecting formulas, Mee Ra Rituals was born. MRR creates a small yet loyal following via word of mouth.


Anna tries to manage and grow the “backend” of Mee Ra Rituals skincare, but struggles because she is busy in the treatment room giving acupuncture facials.


Anna stops giving acupuncture facials due to the pandemic.  This gives her the time to grow and introduce MRR to the world outside of her treatment room.